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Client: Bellway Homes
Architect: BDG Architects

Key Features:
– Office Development
– Refurbishment
– Structural Survey
– Temporary Works

This site comprised a central part of re-development of the vast Marconi factory works at Chelmsford.  This Building was originally constructed in 1912, reportedly within the space of around four months.  The Marconi development was the first purpose built radio factory in the world, and the site of the first radio broadcast in the world.

Gravity Consulting Engineers were appointed to carry out structural condition surveys on the 1912 Building.  The surveys included a detailed timber by timber survey of the roof structures, detailed surveys of the masonry, foundation trial pits and floor opening up works.  All in all the building was in excellent condition for its age despite the speed with which it had been constructed.  Also included in our assessments were load checks on the floor structures to see that they met current standards, modifications to the original structure resulting from wall removals’ all agreed with the local conservation officer – and production of replica trusses to match existing trusses.  Temporary works were required for some of the alterations undertaken, and these works were also designed by Gravity. Drawing production included structural layouts of the existing buildings with instructions for remedial works, details of temporary works, and details of permanent works.

We count ourselves very fortunate to have worked on this site.  It was a privilege for all of our engineers involved in the surveys and building modifications.

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