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Scaffold Support System

In this instance our client was developing a large site in Chelmsford and wanted to make a statement by supporting a scaffold system off long spanning ladder beams and posts. The scaffolding system would be concealed using branded netting on which our client and the development would be advertised. The structure on which this branding would take place was to be on the corner of the development, and would contain the marketing suite at ground floor, and sales apartments at first floor. The brief for the design was given to Gravity Consulting Engineers at a meeting. The scaffolding was supposed to be designed such that obstructions to the sales suite were minimal. Two issues were then raised by our client: there was a desire to complete the external works and landscaping around the marketing suite as early as possible, and the presence of posts and foundations would result in complications for a lined permeable paving system that would be present around the sales suite, and would result in a second visit to complete the external works once the scaffold posts were removed. We proposed the use of a cantilevered structure projecting out from the first floor of the building in order to avoid issues associated with the permeable paving system and to provide an aesthetically pleasing temporary arrangement during the construction phase. A detailed scheme with associated connection designs was worked up using scaffold arrangements and loadings provided by a scaffold specialist, and the design was successfully implemented on site. The completed arrangement gave the impression of a floating scaffold system, and allowed the client to finish the external works at an early stage without impediment.